Monday, 7 July 2014

on our way to Peak forest canal

hi all , let do a catch up of the last couple of weeks , since our last post we have been down into skipton and around  waiting for Le tour to come to Yorkshire ,


 this  small gull was feeding on bread

 very good wing control 

 this peacock was next to the lock ,

  another lovely sunset over the hills

 some more of the poem written on the lock beams over the country 

 this is curlew  quite a few of them about here

 we had to wait at this swing bridge while the farmer took his sheep across to the fields

 in skipton lots of the shop windows have been painted for le tour it was great to see how many people involved with le tour lots of bunting and yellow bikes everywhere

 even the sheep have le tour on them

another window painting


 and the Church 

 this is Skipton castle 

 this is polish memorial  it was put here for the polish airman who died on a training flight in a Lancaster bomber  in 1943 no one  survived
on the Saturday we went to skipton to see le tour there were quite a lot of people  there
 this is some of the sponsors caravan

 in the middle of the photo is Mark Cavendish

 this is Chris Frome
 some of the rest of the riders
on Sunday we went to Silsden again there were lots of people there as well
 the crowds at Silsden 

 yes there are bike in the middle of the photo

 there they go

that was it over in a flash

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