Friday, 16 May 2014

Day 5 and 6 of the BCNS Explorer Cruise

firstly I would really recommend these cruise of the bcn very well organise and well worth joining if you want to see the BCN a very different way instead of just using the main line, you will find more information if you click the link

Day 5 from Walsall basin to Moorcroft junction 5miles
After a good evening in Walsall we left the basin around 8ish

it was a nice sunny day but soon we had to slow up as one of the boat in front of us got something round the boats prop and brought them to a stop ,another boat offer to tow them to the mooring which was a few miles away so we had a slow trip but was ok
 the first boat is the one broken down

 being towed

 some off the other boats


 a angel

was not long before we got to our overnight mooring

in the afternoon we had a walk over to CRT Bradley workshop where there make new lock gates on the way we went pass 2 of the 7 remaining lock of the Bradley 7
 a good job for the WRG

then we went onto the  workshops
 finished lock they keep them wet

inside the workshop we where free to walk around and ask any question we like  

 this lock is for Hillmorton lock

 old two man saws


 very good craftsmanship
from Moorcroft junction to Tipton
we left the mooring around 7.30 and heading for the Ryders locks (8)

when at the top we carried onto the Pudding junction at this point we had a choice so we turned left onto the new main line and then shortly we branched left

 spon locks

spon lane junction
 onto the old main line and up the Spon lane lock (3) at top lock we turned right onto the New main line  again

 looking down onto New main line

 boat on the new main line below us

under M5

 Nb Neston turning down the Titford canal at Oldbury junction

 further down the old main line we turned right into Gower branch which has the only staircase locks on the bcn Brades lock
 once down the locks we turned left onto the New main line (which is like the M1 ) very busy

 over night mooring at Tipton


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