Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Oxford canal to Coventry canal

What a lovely day nice and sunny and dry we left our mooring about 8am and heading for Hawkesbury Junction which is the junction of the Oxford and Coventry canals
 looking back onto the Oxford canal

 bridge over the junction

 a painting on the bridge

 looking back to the junction

 sign post

 junction bridge
so we on the Coventry canal and onwards to Tamworth
soon we were going pass the most interesting place on the canal
Charity dock  this has been on tv as well , every time we come pass there are different thing to see here are some
 old boats going to waste

 you just have to laugh
next we went pass the junction of Ashby canal
 looking down the Ashby

we saw this duck which was wear a nice hat
 never seen this before
 is this art
 this is hartshill yard

we moored up just pass here 

old pages