Friday, 25 April 2014

Napton on the hill

Hello we started around 8am about 8.30 it started raining and rain until we got to the bottom lock at napton  after 7 miles and 9 locks .once moored up we went for a walk to find the windmill on top of Napton hill  which we did and is a private house now  when walk back we saw a sign saying

 then we met the local farmer and was asking about the observer post and then told us there was also a Underground Monitoring Post The primary role of the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) was the recognition and identification of hostile aircraft. With the start of the cold war and the increasing threat of nuclear attack in the 1950's, the ROC was given the added responsibility of reporting nuclear bursts and monitoring fall-out which necessitated the construction of 1563 underground monitoring posts throughout Great Britain & Northern Ireland.  it just amazing what you find out from the local's
 one of many of a buffalo herd ( we brought some  buffalo cheese I let you know what it like later)

 Napton on the hill Church

 old grave stone this one dated 1712

 another view of the church

 this is a fin of a German landmine  

 lovely stain window

 windmill and a cow
 Napton on the hill windmill

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