Wednesday, 16 April 2014

From canals to River Thames

today we set off from Theale about 8 and heading down the K&A towards Reading the flow was strong in places but ok . we got to County lock and the weir next to it was in full flow and just below the lock there was a strong currant but through the Oracle was ok just had to watch out for the dinosaurs
  , soon we were on the River Thames and heading north towards Oxford, the River is a lot busier than the canal lots going on ,  we see the Police dive team out

then we saw the firemen

 then the fire rescue boat

 stone work on Caversham bridge

 in someone garden

 Canadian geese made a nest out of someone thatch roof

 Liverpool uni rowing team

 Mapledurham house home of the new BBC program The Big Allotment Challenge

 Mapledurham mill

 Mapledurham weir

 African Queen Cruising Hotel & Restaurant

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