Saturday, 13 September 2014

ashby canal

we been past the junction to the Ashby canal  or to give it its right name Ashby de la zouch canal quite a few times so this time we deicide to take a trip up at the moment it is 22 miles long and they have another 8 miles of the canal to restore which they are working on at the moment

 Triumph motorbike factory

 this is the smallest pylon I even seen

 Stoke Golding this is the birth place of Tudor Britain

 stoke golding church dates from the 13c

 old working boat

 steam train on the Battlefield line


 work boat bow

 this is a new part of the Ashby canal just ready to be filled up with water  it is 450 meters long

 old pumping house


 yes this is a Terrapin

 not very common on the canals

 this is the place where Richard 3 and Henry the 8  had a battle and Richard 3 died and Henry the 7 (thanks cliff and Joan)
 became king

 filling the new  section of the Ashby canal



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  1. not only interesting a history lesson as well!!


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