Saturday, 19 July 2014

slowly heading south

Hi  at the moment we are heading south and getting ready to do some wrg restoring on the Chesterfield canal this  is the link to the wrg camp I am assisting and Tina is cooking some of the camp ,
During the camp we are going to be doing a daily blog this will be done by some of the Volunteer's and I will add a link on our blog so you can follow the weeks work daily  

 I saw this lovely Fiat 500 and reminded me of my sisters first car  this one was in very good condition

 This house is at what is said to be at start of the canal network  the first canal built

 going over the Manchester ship canal this is a Barton swing aqueduct this is the only one in the world

 saw this shed  on a raft

 we seen some very lovely lilies this year here are a couple

 Heron on take off

 This boat is called George  Thomas  what do you think Rebecca

 lovely sunny day view

 we saw this boat going pass us and there was no one steering it  must have been a ghost  

 sorry this is not very clear but this was a mink  

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  1. Hey you two ... Never realised you were bloggers! Just going to catch up with you. We are in boating heaven! Jan, Alistair and Little Josh


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