Monday, 23 June 2014

Yorkshire here we come

 yes we in Yorkshire now,  we only a few days away from skipton now which we will be saying there for a few days  hopefully be able to see the tour de France which is on 5th july

 this roller is so the ropes would not cut into the stone work on the bridge

 when the stone masons were cutting stones for the side of locks so they got paid for the stone they done they would make them with there own mark  here are some marks  

 we saw this plane flying low over the hills not sure what it is ??

 this is called double arch bridge

 Shasta daisy

I think is a Goldfinch

 lovely sunset  the shadows are sheep

 looking back at Bank  newton locks

 this log pile would keep us warm for a few winters  

 this is our view today 

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