Monday, 2 June 2014

Northwich to Lymm

leaving Anderton  we soon came across where the Trent & Mersey breached ,there is some good mooring there now  they did a good job ,

 the repair

Northern marsh orchid

 this was on a wall down the arm to Runcorn

 this looked like a bee hive

 on the Bridgewater canal they have cranes at some bridges so they can lift in the big heavy stop blanks  

 water tower near Runcorn


 boats moored at Lymm a very lovely small town 

 the lymm cross


 this is Lymm lake and was formed by a dam

 some wood carving in the woods round the lake


 great crested glebe

 stone arch  in the middle of now where

 Lymm church

some stone works

 the church green which is run by Aiden Byrne famous chef

 wooden caving

 old waterside wharf

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  1. Hello Go For It. Yet again you have thrilled us with more interesting photographs on your blog. One day you might come across a BANKSEY that would bring in the tourist to the canals and possibly make some much needed money to the trust !!!!


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