Monday, 23 June 2014

Yorkshire here we come

 yes we in Yorkshire now,  we only a few days away from skipton now which we will be saying there for a few days  hopefully be able to see the tour de France which is on 5th july

 this roller is so the ropes would not cut into the stone work on the bridge

 when the stone masons were cutting stones for the side of locks so they got paid for the stone they done they would make them with there own mark  here are some marks  

 we saw this plane flying low over the hills not sure what it is ??

 this is called double arch bridge

 Shasta daisy

I think is a Goldfinch

 lovely sunset  the shadows are sheep

 looking back at Bank  newton locks

 this log pile would keep us warm for a few winters  

 this is our view today 

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Moon Rolled Down The Hill

 I know the title got you thinking , we the other night we were lucky to see  the full moon rise , at the same time as the sun sets

 as you can see it rolling down the hill
and this was the sun setting

the next big town was Burnley  which was very nice to go through
 can anyone tell what the name of this tree we saw ??

 there are lots of old mills in this area  some have been renovated and some have been just left 

 this is what they call "the straight mile" which is only 3/4mile long   it is a huge Embankment over the town of Burnley

 Burnley football club

 show how high we are as all we could see chimneys  of all the back to back houses

 some more old mills

 large dandelion

 the start of the last lock we go up these are the Barrowford lock

 this is CRT idea of a garden wall    this is on a lock gate

 this is a bird nest  on a lock gate

 this is one of the parents waiting to feed the young  


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Heading North

well the weather still not up to much yet , some of the showers we having are quite heavy, well they wouldn't be able to say there is a water shortage this year well not yet , now we on the Leeds and Liverpool canal , heading towards skipton once up the Wigan locks we moored up at a place called Red rock  


 this was our mooring near Chorley just over the bridge was a ice cream shop mmm nice

 double rainbow

 this made us laugh normally the bridge number go 78a 78b and so on but not this one

 this is Botany bay was a old mill now a shopping village

 another one of our mooring for the night


 we saw this little chap  it is a stoat

 see his black tail that is how you tell the difference between a stoat and weasel

 this tree has be cover by the ermine moth caterpillars

 this is a boundary post

 looking over Blackburn

 not sure if he is going to make the tour this year

 move views over Blackburn

Eanam wharf

 another old mill

 this phone box was cover by the company  they sell wallcovering

 Imperial mill built in 1901
cotton spinning mill  they stopped milling in 1980

 what a view

 looking at the views  lots of wind farms here

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