Thursday, 29 May 2014

Where is the sunshire ???

Really where is the sun  we only seen it on a few days now but we are sure it will come out soon hopefully
one night we saw a lovely sunset

we been slowly heading north   from our last post we have travel down the middlewich branch
 Shropshire union canal society were doing the locks to raise money , we brought a lovely cake  

the church at Church minshull

 old building along side the canal

 swan and signet

 this calf has just been born

 this is the shortest  canal I know of  it is  154ft which includes 1 lock  it joins the Middlewich branch to the Trent and Mersey canal

 this is a old BW work boat which is still use by the Canal and river trust

 painting on a bridge

  Great crested glebe and young  

 catching the food for the young

 this is the ICI plant at Northwich

 this is the Anderton boat lift which lifts boat 50 feet from the River weaver to the Trent and Mersey canal , salt and lime were the main things that we take away on boats


  1. how do you do it ,such interesting and beautiful photos. We didn't know how interesting and historic canals
    are, BBC could educate people like ourselves on British Canals, instead of cooking programs!!!!!

  2. I agree we are all being told we are overweight, more interesting facts on canals please BBC..


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