Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 3 on the BCNS explorer cruise

Monday , after having a good get together in the pub last night it was a slow start most of the boats left the mooring about 9am then route today was from Daw end through Walsall wood then up the Anglesey branch to the chasewater reservoir then back and onto pelsall common to moor

 boats leaving our overnight mooring

 on the move


Brawns bridge named after John Brawn engineer

 catshill junction

 the start of the Lichfield canal

 Chasewater reservoir this is the feeder for the bcn canals

 boats moored at Anglesey basin  this was a very large coal mine

 not sure what it is but looks well built


 catshill junction

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  1. very interesting, very good photos so encouraging to folk wishing to own a narrow boat. Thanks


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