Sunday, 11 May 2014

Day 2 BCNS explorer cruise

sunday  top of Perry bar locks to Daw end

today started with rain but it soon stopped but stayed overcast we had to do 6miles and 9 locks  we would go up the Tame valley canal to Rushall junction and turn up the rushall canal up 9 locks and then at longwood junction up the Daw end Branch
 leaving Perry bar

 looking back to Birmingham

 you can see how high we are at mo

stop blank island

 very high bridges

 some rubbish but to far this was all we seen so far

 chimney bridge

 coming up to Newton(Rushall)  junction

 can you see the rope cut in the steel

 shows how many time boat have been hauled round the junction

 Rushall locks

 fresh water oyster (show how clean the water is )


 boats moored up at daw End

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