Monday, 28 April 2014

Napton to Hillmorton in two day

 sorry I did not do a post yesterday so here is two days in one  we left napton sunday morning about 9 and heading toward Braunson
 this is bridge at napton junction

 the sign post at junction

 lower shuckburgh church  

 saw this boat (thing ) not sure what is front or rear ?

 this little boat belongs to mike Kelly who does e-canalmapps

 not sure if this is clear but it a wind turbine made out of old oil drums

 this use to be some pride and joy bet it did a lot of work in the old days

 Braunson church

 I think this widebeam boat turn the wrong way as the oxford canal is a narrow canal

 saw this lovely painting
that was sundays boating we moored up and met Adie who made our chimney for us and since we have had a new collar fitter the chimney now needed some adjustment
Monday  weather dry but ok
 saw this old ambulance

 this is our friends boat

 look who was hiding behind the hedge

 yes it was Thomas the Tank engine

 the History of Rugby  

 this is bridge 80 which was repaired by wrg


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