Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Stourport to Tardebigge

Friday we left Stourport at 8am and heading out of the basin via the 2 staircase locks on to the River seven, we were going to head up the Droitwich canal but the was a festival over the bank holiday weekend and we had heard it was busy and not much mooring so we heading down to Worcester 11 miles down the Seven, on the way down we went pass the junction of the Droitwich canal 
  soon  after  Worcester starts and the Cathedral come in you view

Must say I have never see so many swans together


Soon the junction of the Worcester & Birmingham canal

 we heading up the canal next to canal is the museum called The Commandery and on the bridge are theses

 scooby doo were are you !!
Heading out of Worcester there was some wall painting


After 20 miles and 23 locks we moored up at Oddingley, Saturday we said we have a lazy day we heading of about 9ish  and soon going pass the junction of the Droitwich 

 and not far pass we found a nice mooring just before  Astwood locks  4 miles today not bad


Sunday we set of again at 9ish and soon up the Astwood flight of locks 6 locks  then pass Stoke works which is where they use to pump brine(salt) , soon we had found a mooring just before the Tardebigge flight of locks


In the afternoon we walked up the flight of locks which is 29 locks over 2.5 miles and rises over 217 feet

 this lamb had got his head stuck in fence   and we free it

 we wonder who they are trying to contact  outer space ??
 what do you call a group of hot air balloons ??
today we went up the flight of locks took us about 3.5 hour must say a BIG thank you to Steve and Michelle for helping us up the locks and the meal







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