Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Napton to Thrupp

Napton windmill
we Napton on Thursday on what was not a nice day and we moored up at Knotts bridge after 8 mile and 9 locks
up the Napton locks in one of the field were some Buffalo's
 saw this old Audi car

when we had moored up the sunshine came out
on the other side of the canal there was this bird which just kept singing
Friday we set off heading for Cropredy  after 8.5 miles 8 locks we moored up we stayed here Saturday as well
 old cottages in Cropredy

 a fox on the Thatch roof

 window in St Mary The Virgin church
Sunday we move on and through Banbury which was very busy lots of boats moored up
after 7 mile and 7 locks we moored up at Twyford Wharf

 Twyford Wharf Narrow boats

Monday we set off about 8am 
 along the oxford canal there a quite a few sucking herds

 old moggie van

 not sure what make of car this is
 Canada goose with gosling


 we went pass this boat but was not quick enough with camera but there was a scaled down garden on the roof of this boat should have been at Chelsea   flower show

 queueing up at bar for a drink
 this is one of two locks on the oxford canal which are wide  anyone tell me why ? this is Aynho weir lock and the other one is Shipton weir lock
is it something to do with the River Cherwell ?

 Tina and Jackie the lock girls

 under this stone is a Bird nest

 wagtail with mouth full of bugs waiting to go into her nest

 Reckless again
after 10mile and 5 locks we moored up at Heyford Wharf

Tuesdays again we set of about 8am and we head for Thrupp

 Satellite Earth station think they have no trouble getting sky

 Muddy waters and Jolly hire boat

 moored up at Thrupp
 love this
 once we had moored up someone shouted hello and it was Maffi and molly an other blogger
we stayed at Thrupp today  we sorted out a shopping list and got sainsbury home delivery
then there was a knock on side of boat and another blogger Friend had come to say hello  it was Mortimer bones very nice to meet you and hope we catch up again soon

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hopwood to Napton

Wednesday we left our mooring at Hopwood about 9 and headed towards Birmingham not long before we entered the Wasthills tunnel which is 2726 yards long  , after which we turned right onto the Strafford-on-Avon canal , Guillotine lock is the first lock you come to which does not work now

we carried on for a while and moored up at Warings Green after 10.75 miles
Thursday we started at 8.30 and heading for Lapworth locks which is a flight of 19 locks which are the last narrow locks till we get back on the Oxford canal we had a good trip down the flight soon we were down at Kingwood junction

 we turned right towards Warwick

 just leaving the junction
soon we came to another tunnel this one called Shrewley tunnel and 433yards long
there is a towpath tunnel as well

inside the towpath tunnel
soon after the tunnel we moored up just before Hatton after doing 10miles and 19 locks
Friday we left our mooring at 9ish and headed for top lock of the Hatton flight 21 locks
 some of the 21 hatton locks

 old bw yard
once down the bottom of the locks we headed for Saltisford arm which use to be the Warwick and Napton canal  this arm has been restored and is run by the Saltisford canal trust and offer good moorings and a very good cheap laundrette we stayed here for a couple of days as Chris (our son) was heading up to see us on Sunday as it was my birthday and also he was taking away our old 240v fridge and a freezer away as we do not need them anymore slowly saying good buy to 240v electric on our boat (3 miles 21 locks today)
moored at Saltisford arm
while at the arm we had a walk round Warwick
 Warwick Castle

collegiate church

down the arm i found this duck sat on her nest (not sure how the duckling will get out )

also a hire boat came into the arm and this man came up to me and said he read our blog and really enjoyed it and liked the photo Thanks Tony
Monday we off again going through Warwick and then Royal Leamington Spa  we saw what some volunteers had dragged out of the canal thank you

and up Bascote locks and mooring up just before Cuttle after doing 9.5miles 12 locks
Tuesday soon after leaving our mooring we came up to Stockton locks a flight of 10 locks
just as we were going to into the locks a hire boat moved off in front of us and it is good to share this double locks it was Tony and his wife who i had met at Saltisford arm

 stockton locks

 old brick chimney

 work boat having a paint job

 we moored up just round the corner after 2mile and 10 locks
Tuesday we left our mooring and headed for Napton  on the way we saw this
 any clues ??


 The Great Crested Grebe
 and  saw this pair of swan and signets

 this was take at napton junction and we turned right here and down onto the Oxford canal we moored up just after the junction
after 3 miles 3 locks
after we moored up over the canal in a field we saw some Alpacas, Emus and some cattle

our Friends John and Jackie moored up behind us
 tonight's mooring

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