Monday, 11 June 2012

Caldon Canal

Tuesday we left Etruria and headed up the caldon canal up the staircase locks and then past some potteries one being the famous Emma Bridgewater
Bridgewater pottery view from canal

the caldon canal goes through some lovely countryside

old water works

we went down the leek branch

through leek tunnel

we have seen lots of wildlife on our travels but this is first time we seen a owl

Rain Rain we are having a lot of rain at the moment 

after going to leek we heading back and then down to Cheddleton

this is Hazelhurst Aqueduct which takes the leek branch over the caldon canal

the caldon canal is very close to the River Chrunt which is a very small river more like a brook  and further down they both share same course but as you we have had some rain
oh looks like the river has flooded
saw this old work boats

NB Swallow

old boat looking sad not sure of the name

as we near Cuddleton we see a old flint mill  this is where they used to grind flint down for the pottery industrial

flint mill

two water wheels

crane for loading and unloading boats

grinding wheels

then we saw this garden shed over the canal

not sure what this was

a little further down the canal we came to a lock and the other side of the lock the river had brech it bank and the water was flowing into the canal

over to the left of this photo is the river and the steam railway

this was taken on Saturday
the next photo was taken on Sunday from the train looking back to the lock

the car is near the lock the water level dropped a lot over night

on Saturday we had to go down through the lock to the next winding hole to turn round we waited for couple of hours and then another boat turned up and said it was OK to go down and turn round so we went down 
this is the view from the other side of the lock

this is where the river and canal use same course but could not see where it went

more like a lake

this is the view 24 hours later the lock is in the far distance

this is the canal how it should be
while waiting at the lock we were watching a pair of yellowhammer birds feeding thier young

their nest was in the lock gate

on Sunday we went  on the steam train down to Froghall

Below is link to some more photos of railway

when we got to Froghall station there was a old bus rally we were hoping to see our friends first bus there (cheers Phil )

click the link below for more buses

old pages