Wednesday, 9 May 2012

on our way to Gas st brimingham

Friday 26th April , moored at Catherine de banes weather very wet and windy stayed butt the weather for Saturday looked a bit better so we said we get bus in to Solihull what a lovely clean town that was nice shops well worth going to
Sunday wet again so we did not do much
On Monday the weather was ok so we set off for Kingswood Junction this is the junction of the Grand union canal and Stratford-on –Avon canal on the way we had to go down the Knowle locks which have a different paddle gear

Tuesday wet again
Wednesday we set of again today we would have 19 lock to go up called the Lapworth locks quite a few other boats were moving this morning so we had to queue up

just before my dip

I just come out of on lock and while waiting for tine to set next lock I wanted to move back button so I tried to kick it and miss and yes that is right I fell in just a nice quick tip
After drying out we carried on up the locks and moored up at Hockley Heath

Thursday started of wet but by 10 it was ok today we heading for Kings Norton junction this is Junction Stratford-on-Avon canal and Worcester and Birmingham canal at this junction there is a wooden guillotine gates,

at the junction we turned left and headed for Hopwood to get there we had to go through the Wast hills tunnel which is 2726 yards

Friday wet again so did not move

Saturday we deicide we would go down to Alverchurch for some shopping and back to Hopwood for the bank holiday weekend  staying moored while the hire boat go pass in the rain and wind  at Hopwood we moored up behind a boat and butty owned my Richard and Ruth a very lovely couple

Tuesday we heading for gas st today and Richard and Ruth were heading same way so we set of together  well we let them  go through the tunnel about 30mins in front ,
Once through tunnel we were at  kings Norton junction again and the heading into Birmingham 

  soon the factories start and the biggest one was Bourneville home of Cadburys

, next was Birmingham University and some different building

and soon we were in to Gas st 

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