Monday, 16 July 2012

Anson Museum

we have decide to stay around Marple until end August as we found a nice mooring where we can leave our boat while we go away on  WRG camps we doing two weeks restoration one week on the lovely Cromford canal and the 2nd week we are going to go over to the Chesterfield canal

so as we got a bit time on our hands we went back to Higher Poynton for the weekend on the way back we stopped at New Mills and had a look around the town which was lovely  there was this walkway over the River Goyt The 175-yard long elevated steel walkway spans what The Guardian described somewhat dramatically as 'the last inaccessible place in England', a rocky wall in the 30m deep Torrs gorge, cantilevered out over the fast running river Goyt. Visitors are now able to inspect close at hand not only the enormous railway retaining wall above them, but also the historic Torr Vale Mill on the opposite bank, recognised now as the oldest working cotton mill in the country (from 1788), and listed by English Heritage Grade II*.

also in New mill is which is the first community-owned plant in this country and produces enough energy to supply the local Co-op supermarket  with any surplus being re-sold to the National Grid.  It uses the power of a small weir in the gorge and is known as 'Archie' because it uses a device known as a 'Reverse Archimedes screw'. shame i did not have the camera
we move onto Higher Poyton  there is a Museum which has a working display of the early internal-combustion engine
starting a gas fire engine

gas engine running

another gas engine running


Bentley W12 6.0l

Bentley block


old narrow boat painting
also at the Museum was a giant model of Poynton showing  the collieries and railways and canal at 1900
if you like  village history it is worth looking up

Macclesfield canal at Higher poynton
this is where lord Vernon's wharf was

macclesfield canal and the old railway



Poynton village
while looking at the engine museum web site i came across this site  lot of old photos of the canals

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bugsworth basin

on monday we left Bollington and heading for Higher Poynton this is were Braidbar Boats are made
tuesday we moved up to High lane  and then wednesday we headed for Marple junction  we were hoping to moor up at Marple but the mooring were taken up and the mooring round on the Peak forest canal were not very good so we went down the canal a little futher and found a mooring ,
Thursday we headed a little further down the peak towards Whaley Bridge we moored up just after new mills  which is were Swizzels Matlow  famous sweet makers have a factory   you can smell Love Hearts and Refreshers in the air  shame there is not a factory shop. Friday we went down to whaley bridge but there is no mooring down there so we turned round and then went down to Bugsworth basin which is a lovely mooring , we stayed at the basin for the weekend the weather was not to bad , on saturday i fitted another solar panel on the roof so now i got 260w and when the sun was shinning on sunday we got 14amp/h from them which sounds good , any one looking at getting some solar panels this is were we got ours very helpfull and good quality and not bad price

on sunday we went for a walk up Eccles Pike which is about 1214 feet above sea level , they do a fell run up this eccles pike which they say is one of the oldest races and the record up it is 19 mins

 it took us about a hour  but well worth it for the veiws  on the way up we saw this lovely cricket field

but the row of cottages along side it have to cover there windows with mesh

half way up Eccles pike

looking down to Bugsworth basin our boat is down there somewhere

at top.

on the way down we found this wild orchid

next week we are just stopping round this area and doing some more walking and looking around

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

RAIN RAIN and a little sunshine

we stayed around congleton as i had to go to lichfield for WRG training weekend , while  at congleton i was able to take some really lovely sunsets
railway viaduct

on Monday we got ready to set off again went Tina saw a red light on the engine panel  it was our domestic alternator  light , so we phoned up Beta and they said it was still under warranty and would send a new one out to a boat yard we went past , so Tuesday we turned round and went back to the boat yard and fitted the new alternator and every thing was ok so we headed back to congleton ,i did some fishing and saw this carp
ghost carp eating bread

 Wednesday we headed off and moored up at the bottom of Bosley locks we would do these Thursday there are 11 locks which take the canal up 118feet , we had just got to top lock when the heavens opened up and we both got soaked  so we moored up and lit the fire and dried out , Friday we headed of for macclesfield , not knowing this canal we did not know that mooring in Macclesfield are not very good so we did not stop and just carried on to Bollington and moor next to a old silk mill ,
Saturday we stayed at Bollington and we went for a walk up to white Nancy which is a monument on top of hill it was erected by the Gaskell family in the 19th C to commemorate the battle of Waterloo and use as a summer house,   the town of Bollington had painted on the queens jubilee on it  not sue why !!
it was quite a view from the top 

White Nacey

Clarence mill

old mill



Jodrell bank


White Nacey

Adelphi mill our boat is moored down there somewhere

white Nancy

Clarence mill

this week we are hoping to get down to Whaley Bridge on the Peak Forest canal and keep our fingers crossed for some sunshire as i am fitting an other solar panel 

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