Thursday, 7 June 2012

Etruria Jubilee Canal Festival

Over the Jubilee weekend we stayed at stoke and went to the Etruria canal festival below are some photos from the Jubilee Flotilla

the bow of Cactus

Narrow Boat Swallow built in 1930s

NB Skylark sister to Swallow

Nb Cactus

Nb Cactus

Nb Elizabeth built in the reign of Queen Victoria
oldest conversion of a working boat for cruising

Nb Elizabeth

Nb Elizabeth winding

Festival Queen

NB Darley built 1937

Nb Lindsay winding with festival queen on board 

Nb Swallow

swallow winding

NB Ibex

Nb Swallow

Nb Tench  built in 1936

NB Sweden

James on Nb Marquis

NB Whitby

traffic jam

Nb Elizabeth on way back

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