Friday, 27 April 2012

Birmingham and bcn clean up

We got to Alvecote marina last Thursday and sorted out were to moor and got ready to go the BCN clean up with the WRG and meeting up with some friends,
We spent Saturday and Sunday cleaning out the canal around Walsall they was about 55 wrgies throwing graping hooks into the canal and hopping to pull something out of the canal  which we did   bikes , shopping trolleys, car tyres, and lots more things  over all they cleaned up about 6miles of canal  and the weather stayed dry for the weekend

Monday we heading off again and this time we heading into Birmingham and south for a few days then head back to Alrewas
Monday we moored up at curdworth bottom lock we have moored here before and it is a nice mooring
Tuesday we went up curdworth lock which is 11 locks over 3 miles
Wednesday it rained so we did not move
Thursday we headed of to Birmingham we set of at 8 as the weather was ok and started our way up the first of 14 locks we were going to do today below are some photos taken on our first trip into Birmingham

just about to go under this building

under the building

out the other side

star city

M6 above us

under M6

Salford junction under M6

this was a metal recycling plant cars went in and shreded metal came out 

Question why do the bridge have a hole/gate in them

St Andrews Birmingham city f.c

old wharf

not sure what this is just sheet of really shinning metal

at the end of the day we ended up doing 15 miles and 14 locks we moored up at Catherine DE Barnes nice village


  1. Great photos and a wonderful clean up job.
    The answer to your question about the holes in bridges is for the fireman's hosepipe's, to fight fires.

  2. might have been done during the war


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