Tuesday, 28 February 2012


after a couple of months in and around Ellesmere while I got my arm and fingers sorted  and thank you everyone who ask    I am feeling lot  better now , I had to back to the hospital for a check up on the 22th   then on the Thursday we sorted out the boat ready for the off on Friday morning we went down the arm first think to pick up 3 more bags of coal  hopefully the last of the year well looking at weather forecast it look OK now might even get the shorts out , we left the arm around 10ish and headed off just taking a nice steady trip
while at Ellesmere we had a look at the new sculptures 

think they will look better after a few years
the weather is really lovely at the moment and spring is very nearly here saw first daffodils today

and some catkins

we stopped Baddiley on Monday night and had a walk over to the church which is st Michael's it is very old well parts are dating back to 1308

we are heading for Nantwich now should be there Wednesday then onto Norbury junction to collect our new boat batteries then off down the Shropshire union canal to Wolverhampton then not sure
we will keep you posted

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