Saturday, 21 January 2012


Hello all   hope you all had a good Christmas and looking forward to a happy 2012  

We had a great WRG camp down on the Montgomery canal lots of fires and good fun and really good company  
we moved up from the Montgomery on to the Llangollen canal and moored at Ellesmere  , Tina had to go back to Thatcham for a week  and while she was away  I become unwell it started with a stiff arm and then my hand went red  so I call an ambulance who gave me a check up and really could not see what was wrong , then next day my fingers on my right hand became cold and purple so next day to doctors who were very good and the doctor still was not sure what it was so sent me to hospital who again gave me a full check up and could not see what was going on  they told me to come back on Wednesday  so we did   and more tests and scans ,x-rays   they still not sure what is wrong  they do not think my arm and fingers are not connected !!! They gave me some blood thinning tablets     just hope they work,
So that means until I feel better we are staying around Ellesmere   ,

Which will give me time to sort out a few things    first is a back cover to stop the rain getting into the engine bay and stop the board freezing and make them very slippy  

second sort out electric   been talking to someone   who tells me I need to fit a smart gauge to see when the batteries are fully charged up   I got a volt meter but that does not tell you how much charge is in the batteries

And I think I will be looking for a generator ANYONE KNOW ANYONE GOT A 2ND GENNY FOR SALE looking for a 2kw Honda or kipor    

Well that is it for now once we get going again then we will be posting more    

Only plans we have made so far is WRG Easter camp at Chesterfield canal we will be doing lots of bricklaying 

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  1. Chris has just shown us how to answer your Blog.Had a good evening with him, he is still with us having a laugth at the lenth of time it has taken me to do this!!! hope I can remember all he has shown me.Will comment on your Blog another day

    Joyce & Den


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