Friday, 9 December 2011

Market Drayton

hi all  we are well on our way to the Montgomery canal now , from our last post we have slowly been moving we had to get to Penkridge before Monday 5/12/11 as they are going to close a lock .The weather has not been to bad so far  it was a little windy on tuesday29/12/11 so we stayed put at Stafford. NB Monarch  and butty Grimsby  had a little fun in the wind
Nb Monarch and butty Grimsby

a little choppie
Wednesday we heading for Penkridge they have a good market , while on the way Tina made a loaf of bread

very tasty loaf

Thursday we carried on a little more and saw this post and would like to know what is for

post at shutt hill lock
also we passed some our blogger still out on the cut

                          NB Seyella

Friday we headed for  Cross green as Chris was coming up to see us on Saturday  on his way to Blackpool to watch football
Saturday after meeting up with Chris we headed off and onto the Shropshire union canal we moored up in the middle of nowhere and it was very lovely
Sunday we headed off to Weston Aston on the way we saw a heron and some photos of him taking off
heron take off

heron in flight

Monday we headed off to Norbury Wharf  

  we always fill up with fuel here good prices 75.9p/l
Tuesday after filling up with fuel /gas/coal we headed off Tina did some steering
we saw this Mandarin duck

all on it own
also we have seen a few kingfishers and buzzards along this part of the canal here are a few photos i have taken




Wednesday we moored up at Market Drayton they had a Christmas tree at the wharf

Thursday they said it was going to be windy so this wind farm will be handy

click photo and it will get larger
we moored up just after Adderley lock just as the wind started to pick up it was quite a windy day and night but this cowslip seams to have picked up the seasons

cow slip
friday we headed for Audlem and then saturday we should get to Nantwich  then onto the LLangollen canal hope the weather stay the same

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