Tuesday, 8 November 2011

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Monday 31st we got of around 9am the weather was OK as we headed for Nuneaton we pass NB ling  http://www.hnboc.org.uk/boats/ling
When we got into Nuneaton we had to go slow there was not much water and have to be carefully not to get any rubbish round the prop, we saw this burnt out boat and wonder what was in the water .

 we stopped at boot wharf and fill up with fuel paid .88p/l not to bad, We moored up by bridge 16.  Next day we came pass the junction to the Ashby canal then the next place is Charity wharf (must be most photograph place on the  canal)

Just love all the junk and how they dress models up. Went pass this old foden truck looks like someone done a good job restoring it
 looks like a toy
 Next was Sutton stop we moored up there
Wednesday we set off about 9.30 again it was another lovely day we headed for Brinklow on the way NB Chance went pass he is another blogger.http://narrowboatchance.blogspot.com/

 there is  nice mooring at All oaks wood( some nice beech wood for the fire) while moored up coal boat

NB Gosty hill came and moored up he sells coal and fuel at a good price , as we had to get to Braunston for Friday we left our mooring at 8am and headed for Rugby this meant we would go through Newbold tunnel which is light up 

and go pass NB Laplander this is steam powered boat  http://www.hnboc.org.uk/boats/laplander

, as we wanted to stop and do some Tesco shopping we got to bridge 58 we moored up and on the opposite bank was NB Milly M( maffi oxford) fellow http://narrowboater.blogspot.com/
 and face book we said our hellos just then Jo from NB Hadar http://narrowboathadar.blogspot.com/

 came along towpath looking for mooring Keith was bringing the boat up we said hello and headed off to the shop , got back and had a quick chat be fore we got off and headed for Hillmorton top lock .
Friday we woke up and it was Raining but we had to move to get Braunston for the afternoon the rain stopped after about a hour so it was not to bad we got to Braunston about 11 and found a nice mooring which was good, in the afternoon our son Chris came over to see us it is always good to see him he is growing up fast we went over to The boathouse for a meal which was good and he set of home. Saturday we had a walk round Braunston they have a lovely church called all Saints Church which is also know as the” Boatman’s Church”http://www.allsaintsbraunston.org.uk/

 which sometimes is floodlit at night

 and butty Brighton came pass Maggie young was steering the butty


After lunch we had a walk over to the medieval village of Braunstonbury we also found the original line of the Oxford canal

 and it still has water in it   on way back to boat we came up to bridge 95 on the Oxford canal
There is something different about this bridge what is it???

thanks to Ray who got the question right this is what it looks like from other views

one side is for stock and other is towpath


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