Sunday, 2 October 2011

to Ellesmere port

Monday  we left Nantwich heading towards Ellesmere port we went pass Hurleston junction and Barbridge junction , we moored up for the night at Calverley which was a nice mooring , Tuesday we woke up to another lovely sunny day we headed of to Bunbury staircase locks when we got there, there was a boat waiting to come up and another boat join us to go down so we all did the Bunbury shuffle this is were all the boat enter the lock and when the middle lock gate open we had to shuffle into the other lock this was good fun ,

doing the Bunbury shuffle ( we going from one lock to another )

 then after a few more lock we had to go into Iron lock which as its name says is made totally out of iron which is rare on the canals
We were going to stop and have a walk up to Beeston castle

Beeston castle
pig at Ice cream farm

 but as it was getting hot we carried on to Crows nest bridge , had a walk to the Ice cream farm,

Wednesday we headed for Chester after about two miles of boats got to Waverton Tina went to local shop and we carried on a little more and moored up just before bridge 122 another lovely sunny day we saw Nb Alton on its way to Ellesmere port
Thursday we caught the bus into Chester we enjoyed a lovely day in the city lots of things to see we walk right round the city wall
Chester cathedral

below is a link to a lot more photos from our walk round Chester

and Nb Mendip going down the Northgate staircase locks
Nb Mendip

Friday we left our mooring and headed for Chester after a few lock we came into Chester and the canal is rigth under the city wall

 and dug out of the rock and here you can see how the ropes over the year cut into the rock

and headed down the locks the Staircase locks are quite deep dropping 33feet

we carried out of Chester and moored up in the open countryside
Saturday we headed for Ellesmere port on the way there we saw this calf fall into the canal and could not get out

so we called 999 and they sent out a Fire engine

but by the time they got there the calf found a place to get out

the only thing was the farmer was very rude saying why had someone rang the fire service to save this calf why?

once we got to Ellesmere port we had a look around The Boat Museum which was very good lots of old boat waiting to be restored and some that had been restored

 also there was a row of cottages showing how people lived from early 1950 to late 1950 which was good

out side loo

old mangle

old pram good go-kart wheels


Sunday morning i was up before sunrise which was very good
sunrise over the Manchester ship canal  check link below for more

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