Monday, 25 July 2011

cromford canal

last week we were working on the cromford canal with the waterways recovery group and had a really good time and lots of fun meet a few old friends and met some new one
If you know the Cromford we were working on the gauging narrows at sawmills first job was to cut back a lot of vegetation so we could see the stone walls this photo show the site at start

after a day we got it looking like this

next job was to take down some of the wall which had started to fall down

digging this down to base layer so we could lay a concrete footing

in the wall were some big roots that needed to be removed

some of the guys started to relay the stones to make new wall

we went a couple of nights one was to bowling

the other night we went to the Crich Tramway Village

some of the guys got tried and had to have a rest on site
at the end of the week all of us had a great time we lay ed 20foot+ footing and quite a lot of stone wall was put back up

so now we are heading for our next camp which is on the Montgomery Canal at the end of August
we will be stopping over at Burton which is the Iwa festival but we not going just stopping to say hi to some Friends

here is a link to some more photos of our week on the cromford canal

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