Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday at Hampton court mooring

Over the past few days we have been very lazy and not gone very far, in fact last week we did 28 miles going down stream on the Thames and today we did a whole 2 miles but we have no rush so we are enjoying the Thames while it is quite and flowing slowly ,so we got to these very nice mooring outside Hampton court
Hampton court mooring down stream

Hampton court mooring up stream

looking at mooring from other side of Thames

gates right next to mooring

after mooring we had a visit from our son Chris (must be after some money) we had a walk around the area
came across this van
i think they were laying artificial grass
we walk around the outside of Hampton court and took some photos

these roses were lovely

how many chimneys

some carvings around the roof

in the late afternoon we had a walk in Hampton court park we saw these deer they look very young

OH   i  forgot to show you this mooring ring we had to use at Hurst park

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