Wednesday, 13 April 2011


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part 3

then we saw this boat and we really wonder how it pass a safety certDSCF2703_thumb

as we were heading Honey street we kept seeing this heron so we had a go at taking some photos of it DSCF2704_thumb



found a lovely mooring at the bridge inn at Horton bridge

so on to Tuesday we went down to Devizes and as i said the Caen locks are closed so there was a lot of boats moored at Devizes so we turned round and came back to Horton Bridge

so on to our next trip we are going to head back along the K&A down to the River Thames then down the Thames to Brentford then onto the Grand Union canal then up north

part two

Monday 13th April

left wootton river's around 9ish on our way we have seen some different boat but i think this boat looking like a land rover is very good DSCF2683_thumb_thumb


also seen some very good painted boat but really like this one DSCF2697_thumb_thumb


we think it is something to do with National cycle Networks

part one


Tuesday 12th April

so we got to Devizes today and as the Caen hill locks are closed we turned round and started back towards Reading.we have been so lucky with the weather so far so what have we been up to since our last post on here,on Sunday we  move from our mooring at Crofton as we were just about to leave we were told there was a canoe race from Devizes to Newbury so we had to watch out for canoeist  , just after lock 59 we saw this little boat DSCF2668_thumb1

as we got Bruce Tunnel we had to wait about 10mins for some of the canoeist to come through before they would let us through when we got to the other end of tunnel there was a long queue waiting to go through100_1434_thumb1 



Sunday night we moored up at Wootton Rivers very nice place

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