Sunday, 27 November 2011

1000 hours

hi all well we have clock up out first 1000 hours on our engine from we set off on Feb 12th that is 40 week out on the cut and 40 weeks of lovely new  life which we are really enjoying
after a few day at welton fields we set off again this time we are heading back to the Montgomery canal for Xmas as the WRG are holding a Xmas camp there and it is a good way to spend between Xmas and new year cutting down some trees and having a bonfire and meeting old freinds and having a good drink

as there is lock stoppages going on at the moment our trip to the Montgomery is going to be up the coventry to Fradley then Trent and mersey to Great Haywood then turn left on to the Staffordshire and worcestershire canal down to Autherley junction which is near Wolverhampton then we go up the Shropshire union canal up the the llangollen canal then the Montgomery  

we set of on thrusday 17th down to Braunston then on to sutton stop.on the way there we saw thomas the tank engine

 then down the locks at Atherstone  and then on to Alvercote on the way we saw a kingfisher and tryed to take a photo


we stopped at alvecote  and had a look at some of the working boats

NB ling

NB Kangroo

NB Greyhound

NB brighton and neauton

Nb Thea

we are heading for Fradley for saturday hope to get through the locks before they close ,


  1. Hi Colin and Tina. Got your note on Bide Your Time at Willoughby. Envious that you have had such a great first season on your boat. We're working on having a lot more time aboard from next spring onwards. We're hanging aroiund the Rugby area in case the ice comes. We have to be at Hillmorton in Feb for the repaint. What with the new cratch cover, she'll look the part in the Spring.Have a great CHristmas. Hope to see you on the cut next year. Pete and Tina. Bide Your Time

  2. Hi Colin and Tina, I am just behind you at Wheaton Aston! Hope you are enjoying the winter months. Always more friendly. I am waiting for Ann to return before heading north to join the 'convoy'. Chas, Moore 2 Life


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