Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wheelock to Weston upon Trent

We left our mooring at Crows nest after only going a few miles we stopped for water at Wheelock and looking round the corner thought it would be a good place to moor up after some lunch we had a walk around,

double locks at Wheellock

foot bridge with gap for rope to go through

Malkins bank boat yard

Malkins bank boat yard
 I found some wood that had been cut down so we stayed here Monday as well to cut and chop it up ready for the winter, Tuesday we went up the locks at Wheelock  it started to rain so once we had got to lock 57 we decided to moor up only doing 2mile but 10 locks these lock are paired locks but most of them only one side is working there is quite a lot of rope wear on the blocks and brickwork at one lock there was still the wooden roller which help the rope go round the corner of the lock

amazed how ropes cut this

wooden roller for ropes

Wednesday we headed for Church Lawson another 10 locks and 3.5 miles the weather was fine but it is getting colder in the air , Thursday we went a couple more locks and stopped for water and rubbish then went under the Macclesfield canal

going under Macclesfield canal

looking back at Macclesfield canal
then we moored up ready to do the Harecastle tunnel on Friday, I went down to the Tunnel portal to check out what to do  the tunnel is 2926 yards long and only one boat wide so there are BW staff at each end to direct you inside the tunnel are some fans so one end on the tunnel is shut when you are inside it , also I saw this old boat and wonder how it was going to get through the tunnel !!!!!

(it was towed )
 So on Friday we went for it and it was ok took us 40 mins to go through
just inside the tunnel

halfway looking back at the end

doors just open

entrance looks like a house

we carried on a little more and moored up next to a lake which was nice, as we sat this pair came pass

Saturday we went down through stoke on Trent pass a lot of the old and new pottery factory’s,
old brick kiln

Middleport Pottery

Middleport Pottery see the pots in the window


front of Middleport pottery

brick kiln
 then we came to the Caldon canal junction

 and Etruria Museum then we went down a few locks pass stoke city football club,

 we went further down and moored just outside Wedgewood Factory,

Sunday we had a look around Wedgewood and had a walk up to Barlaston hall  then back to the boat .
Monday we went down to stone , at lock 29 there is a tunnel under the road and this was for the horses to go through while taking some photos I saw a little mouse.

look carefully you will see the mouse
Just round the corner there were quite a few old work boats some of which we have seen before

, then once we gone under bridge 94 there was a sculpture of Christina!!!
We moored up at bottom lock.
Tuesday we left stone in lovely sunny day not a cloud in the sky, we went down to Weston upon Trent which is a nice little village

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  1. Enjoyable post both, particularly enjoyed the pictures of Harecastle! Weston on Trent is a special place for me - my Grandad lives there (and though retired still regularly takes services at the church) and my Grandma's ashes are buried in the churchyard - so whenever we visit Weston by boat or car I like to have a walk up to the church.


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