Monday, 31 October 2011

On Wednesday we left Weston and headed for Shugborough as we wanted to go to the house, farm and gardens which we did on Thursday and had a good day looking around I took a few photo which are in an album below click the link

Front view of the hall

Rear view of hall

Tina feeding the bull

Friday we set off again we headed for Rugeley for some shopping and bank when we got there it was very busy with boats, after we had done the shopping and got back to the boat everyone had gone we thought it was funny when a lady came up to us and told us a local rouge had moored up and if we wanted anything left on our boat roof it is best to move on so that is what we did. We carried on to the other side of Armitage tunnel and moor up
Saturday  23rd we headed for Fradley junction when we got to Wood end lock we had to queue up there were 6 boats in front of us very busy we also meet Nb Iola (who blogs as well)  it was a nice day once we got down to Fradley were we  found a mooring
Sunday we stayed at Fradley it was a lovely sunny day

Sunrise over Fradley
 and lots of people about,
Monday we had our friend Nikki coming to see us for the night she got to us around 1.30pm so we decided to head for Alrewas

Nikki and Tina

and moor there the night we saw   Nb   Quidditch
Nb Quidditch

, on Tuesday we went down to the winding hole at Wychnor Bridges to turn round and head back to Fradley junction on way back I saw Nb Sanity Again

 who also blogs no one was on board must have been shopping , on the way back Nikki was on the tiller and did a great job, we got back to Fradley junction and said our goodbyes, we also had an other visit and it was Tina’s dad from Spain he was over and her brother Phil and his boys had come up to see us which was great we had a good afternoon and a good snack in the Mucky duck ( the swan)   
Wednesday we left Fradley and heading down the Coventry canal we have twice been up it but never down so this time it looked different and also it was a lovely sunny day and with the leaves changing colour
now it does look so nice we headed for Hopwas as we know this is a good place to moor we passed lots of boat out today after mooring up I went and found some more wood to cut up we have got quite a lot now but not sure how cold it is going to get. Tomorrow looks like it is going to be wet so might go to Lichfield for a day out
woke up Thursday it was raining so we headed for Lichfield and went to see the Cathedral which is very good i have put a few photos in a album link below  

we had a good look round and then went to Chapters with is a restaurant and coffee shop which was very good value for money and part of the cathedral

Friday we set off again it was again a lovely sunny start  we headed for Alvecote on the way we pass a boat who sell stainless chimneys (Little chimney company) these are very well made , Kym makes them in his butty on the side of the cut. they are always around Alvecote and can  send them out to  07876654120 see they ad in towpath talk
while at Alvecote we saw a few of the old work boats

Australia and kangaroo


 The Samuel Barrow

we left on Saturday the canal was very low water levels at the moment
went pass Grendon dock there are some old boats there

Antartic (should this have been Antarctic)

we head for bottom lock at Atherstone while heading there we went pass two other fellow boat bloggers

Sunday we went up the Atherstone flight of lock some pounds where very low once we got to the top lock we stopped for water and Tina did some shopping then we carried on a bit till just before Mancetter bridge we stopped here before it is a nice place to moor

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  1. Hello Tina and Colin,
    We passed you today along the Coventry above Atherstone Locks. It was only as we passed each other that I realised you were on my bloggers list. Maybe if we see each other again we could stop for a bit of a natter.
    Happy cruising,
    Irene and Ian NB Free Spirit


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