Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ellesmere port to MIddlewich

Sunday we left Ellesmere Port and went back to were we moor up on Friday as there was some wood there and I could cut some up ready for the fire this winter
On Monday we headed for Chester as I had to pick up my phone from phone doctor, we went up the locks
see how the rope cut this stone

lock over full

 and moored up for shopping , after we carried on to The Cheshire cat and moor up outside.
Tuesday we left our mooring it was another lovely sunny day went under Egg bridge  (do not know why it is called that) at Waverton, we moored up near The Shady Oak pub which is right under Beeston castle in the afternoon we had a walk up to the castle which is quite high up but when we got to the main gates it was closed only open Thur to sun in the winter but it was a good day for a walk

beeston castle

looking up at castle
old crane and windmill

Wednesday it was a little windy when we left the mooring we had 4 lock and Bunbury staircase which again we did the Bunbury shuffle best way to save water and time
doing the shuffle

shuffle nearly done
After that we turn on to the Middlewich branch of the Shropshire union canal we went along this until we came to the first lock and as it was getting very windy we moored up, we stayed there on Thursday as well as it was a bit windy and raining .
Friday we left around 10am after waiting for the morning showers to blow over it was still quite windy but not as bad as yesterday , we went down two locks and did about 6 miles and moored up just before there was another down pour .
Saturday after watching the Rugby we set off ,the weather was not to bad light rain but no wind which was good we went down a couple of locks and moored up so Tina could run to shops when  she got back we had lunch and set off again down the last of the Middlewich branch then we turned right onto the Trent and Mersey canal , stopped at Kings lock for some fuel and then carried on we went through a few locks until we found a nice spot to moor up in the countryside .

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