Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hawkesbury junction

hi we left Braunston to Monday morning, as we have been along this part of the Oxford canal before we knew roughly where we were going but it all looked different it was lovely and hot on Monday we got to hillmorton and stayed here the night nice little flight of locks

saw a boat with a lovely paint job even the mushrooms were painted
on Tuesday we left Hillmorton about 9ish went to Rugby for some shopping at Tescos and then carried onto Hungerfield bridge near Brinklow where we moored for the evening

on wednesday we left about 8.30 the weather was sunny after 8 mile we got to Hawkesbury were we moored up next to nb Blackbird with ken and Christine on board we meet them at the festivals we have been going to over the last few weeks , Below is link to some photos of hawkesbury junction,
 in the evening we went for a pint at the greyhound.
Thursday we went into Coventry on the bus to have a look around Coventry cathedral, i went up the spire and took some photos which are in a album with link below

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  1. Great photo's
    Did you see the mouse in the cathedral ruins (pic no 11)carved on the chair.


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