Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hawkesbury junction

hi we left Braunston to Monday morning, as we have been along this part of the Oxford canal before we knew roughly where we were going but it all looked different it was lovely and hot on Monday we got to hillmorton and stayed here the night nice little flight of locks

saw a boat with a lovely paint job even the mushrooms were painted
on Tuesday we left Hillmorton about 9ish went to Rugby for some shopping at Tescos and then carried onto Hungerfield bridge near Brinklow where we moored for the evening

on wednesday we left about 8.30 the weather was sunny after 8 mile we got to Hawkesbury were we moored up next to nb Blackbird with ken and Christine on board we meet them at the festivals we have been going to over the last few weeks , Below is link to some photos of hawkesbury junction,
 in the evening we went for a pint at the greyhound.
Thursday we went into Coventry on the bus to have a look around Coventry cathedral, i went up the spire and took some photos which are in a album with link below

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Braunston rally

hi all well what a lovely weekend we had at braunston rally the weather was good and meet a few new friends and meet up with jig bob and tiff was good to see them .
it was good to see so many historic narrowboat even a steam boat called President

also there was a model narrow boat there and it was very good

yes it is a model
i took quite a lot of photos so i got a link to a photo album for you all to look at

we keep seeing boat with family name and saw this one for you uncle dumbo (lol)

just to let you all know are plans now are we left Braunston on Monday and are heading up the Oxford canal pass Rugby ,onto to Hawesbury junction then onto the Coventry canal pass Nuneaton onto Atherstone then Tamworth pass the Junction of the Birmingham and fazley canal going through Hopwas to Fradley Junction the onto the Trent and Mersey canal through Burton upon Trent then on to Sawley cut onto the River Trent then turn left onto the Erewash canal which we will be going to the end which is Langley mill where we will mooring up for a week as we are going to the Cromford canal with the WRG a week of work fun and play

Thursday, 23 June 2011


hi all we are at moored at top lock at braunston but the signal here is rubbish so when we leave next week i will do a update with photos

Thursday, 16 June 2011

on our way to Braunston

we left stoke bruerne on the 14th June after filling up with water ,there were still a few boats still moored up from the weekend

It was very busy on the cut today lots of boat moving about we went through Blisworth tunnel only meeting a couple of boats ,we moored up at Bugbrook for the night i had a walk round the village and came across this house with lots of old sign and things

15th June we headed for bridge 18 as this was were The Heart of the shires shopping village is and we been there before but worth a look round

16th June
we only move a little way today to the bottom of Bucky bottom lock ,

Monday, 13 June 2011

Stoke Bruerne

Hi all we have been at Stoke Bruerne now since Thursday ,on Friday Tom hill and James came up with his work up and filled us with fuel . the Gala over the weekend was good shame it rain on Sunday put we did need it , Friday night the beer tent was open and they put some entertainment which was Hungarian folk group and some dancers also the Stony Startford folk group and dancers , Saturday the weather was good and there were lots of people about in the evening the entertainment was Kate Saffin who did a one woman play about woman on the canal in the war it was very good but it was cold , Sunday it rain all day which was a shame we went for a Indian meal in the evening which was good , Monday we stayed here as we got two week before Braunston festival
below is a link to some of the boats that were at Stoke bruerne

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

on route to stoke bruerne

Wednesday 9th June
we left our mooring at Simpson just b4 bridge 91 as i posted in last blog we stopped to go and see the Buddhist temple and really is worth a look at they are very welcoming left there just after lunch and heading for Wolverton for bank on the way we saw this modern art
after going over Grafton street aqueduct we went round the corner to be faced with some more wall art

we moored up for the night just after bridge 71 very nice modern flats  and nice moorings

Milton keynes Buddhist temple

today we stopped at 81a and walk to the Milton Keynes Buddhist temple it really is worth a visit if you in the area only 5min walk from the canal
i have put the photo in a album for you to look at hope you enjoy

Milton keynes

today i went for a walk round a part of Milton Keynes called tinkers bridge and came across some wall art makes a change from Griffie below is a link to some photos of it

i like the Alice and wonderland ones

Monday, 6 June 2011

Wendover arm

port of Berkhamsted

big fish

Friday 3/6/11
we left berkhamsted with Dave and Jenny on NB sweet dream and headed for the start of the wendover arm we wanted to see how the Wendover arm trust we doing , we turned into the arm under a footbridge the water level was a little low but OK ,

as we went round a couple of corners we came across a sunken boat

and was thinking have we done the right thing ,and the arm was narrow in places then we came to the flour mill and some sharp bends , but once we got to the stop lock


it all changed we went under a very well restored bridge and to a winding hole which at the moment is as far as you can go but there are lots of mooring there and it is very quite the sides of the arm are concrete and the arm here is deep , once we moor up , Dave and myself went for a walk and found were the trust were working and they are doing a lot of work and done a lot and cannot wait to come back once the arm is fully open which i hope will not be long

the arm bed

new foot bridge


old pump house

new foot bridge

views from towpath

Dave and daisy

this is the other end of the canal which has water in it

                                                               also we saw this swan and her signets

this is for jenny

Dave and jenny

for all the Drummonds out there

old pages