Sunday, 1 May 2011

sunday 1st of may

start of another month and what a windy start to the month we are having , at the moment we are moored on the River Thames at cookham slowly making our way down to Brentford ,if any one knows any good mooring on the Thames please let us know , someone told me it would be easy going down the Thames with the flow yea right they forgot to tell me about the wind in places it is like we are going backwards
and the further down the Thames we go the bigger the cruiser get and there are a lot about this weekend .

Going back to my theme you can get anything on the water ways we saw this Ice cream boat about Hurley lock yesterday
also on the River yesterday we saw the Thames steamer  lovely site

we went for a walk in the afternoon and i saw this house name and just had to take a photo

Hobbs is our surname

Tina was watching these Canada Geese and her  baby's ( what do you call baby geese?)


sonning bridge

French horn at sonning

sonning lock

can i thank you for your comments ( and yes i will use spell checker)


  1. Baby geese, they are called goslings.

    lovely photos

  2. it's the season for it:), we have some lovely goslings on the canal in lismore, saw them first on sat, today,mon, their yellow is already going darker.
    i think the other geese could be khaki cambells
    btw there were big citronella candles in lidl, in tins like old-fashioned polish tins
    xxx mum


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