Sunday, 29 May 2011

Boxmoor festival

hi all
we got to boxmoor on Thursday afternoon after a short trip from rickmansworth ,
we are staying here a boxmoor till Wednesday as we help we the take down of the site ,
then i think we are going to try and get to stoke bruerne for the gala weekend

below are some photos of the boats at Boxmoor this weekend

hope you like them

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

on route to boxmoor

hi we left Rickmansworth today about 11am we pair up with Nb sweet dreams had a lovely time on the cut
we meet John hawkins today good to see him again ,

while waiting for a lock i did some fishing and caught this fish 14lb carp

well i wish i had the man the caught it was over the moon lovely fish

Monday, 23 May 2011


we stayed at rickmasworth from thursday till tuesday we had a really good time and meet lots of new friends boaters and wrgies and fellow facebookers
and was good to see Phil and the boys , Jan and Pete on saturday and the john and anne on sunday ,
we will be moving on to the next festival which is the wendover canal festival
below are some photos of the ricky festival  hope you enjoy them

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tuesday 17th

The sun was out again we left our mooring at uxbridge around 10.30 and slowly move along the canal we got to widewater lock which is the deepest lock on the Grand union canal it rises 11foot 11 inches
 the canal here has lakes to the side and lovely trees along side it
we got to black jacks lock and moored here for the night

peacock next to Black jacks lock

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Monday 16th may

This morning I took a walk over to the Western International market  were you can buy some nice veg, fruit and flowers

we left bulls bridge around 9ish and took a slow trip , we came across a widebeam which was a floating classroom what a great idea getting the youngest on the cut

the we saw one of our  facebook Friends who also are  going to the Ricky this weekend love the name of your boat
(please read the small print )

then round the corner we saw this boat and wonder were captain Jake sparrow

we moored up just before uxbridge lock

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Saturday 14th

hi all
we woke up this morning to loud music in the field next to the canal some people were have a rave Tina said they start at 2am in the morning and was still going when we left about 9am "what a noise" and not many people there

today we went down the Paddington arm of the Grand union canal to Regents park and back quite a nice trip if it was our longest so far 29.5miles in a day below are some photo and a link to others
north circular Aqueduct

little Venice

Wembley arch

for rest of paddington arm photos click on paddington was good to see tom doing some work lol
it was nice going through the zoo
Sunday 15th
we stayed at bulls bridge today went over to the market next to tescos and did some shopping at tesco

met up with a few other boaters today first couple moor up in the winter at welton hythe which is were GO FOR IT was built
Liz do you reconise her ?

can you tell me where this brid is from ?

we will be going to the Rickmansworth waterways festival helping out with the waterways recovery group hope to meet old and some new freinds

Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday 13 th may

before we left Brentford i went for a walk along the Thames path back to Thames lock to see how low the Thames get in the morning
Thames lock

just round the corner was this work of art

see all the fish
on the way back to the boat i came across a heron and he let me get very close

we left our mooring around 9 am ,Tina had to get use to opening lock again , on way to bulls lock saw some more work of art

so Saturday we are going to go down the Paddington arm hope to get to Camden town and back

Thursday, 12 May 2011


Thursday 12th may
today we left the River Thames and start our way up from Brentford on the GUC

we left our  mooring at Kingston upon Thames around 8am there are some photo just before we left

what are these ??

Jamie Oliver restaurant

and took a slowly cruise down to Teddington lock , Last night a very nice narrow boat went pass us and Tina was sure it was  Jimmy Tarbuck

nice boat Nb MAISIE

 as we were going down the Thames we saw the Narrow boat again so we took some photos when we got there we saw the lock keep who told us he would let us down the Thames about 9.45 there are a couple of photo of the lock 

so after waiting for the high tide we went into the lock and then onto the start of the tidal Thames
was not sure how it was going to be in the end it was OK
then we were so at the point were we had to turn off (no signs) and found the tide was strong here , and that was the end of our trip on the river Thames , we went through Thames lock and round the corner to Brenford gauging locks and then we moored up for the night going to have a few drinks tonight as it is my birthday

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