Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Hello all 

Thank you all very much for your comments , over the past few days I have tried lots of different things and ending up using Google chrome and a program called Scribefire it is very easy to use only thing is photo size which I am going to play with now .

below is a red kite 

So what have we been up to well we came down the River Thames from oxford we had three night on the Thames first night stayed at Culham lock next on stayed at Shillingford Bridge Hotel (had a few friends over on the Sunday). 

Monday night we stayed at a really lovely mooring called Pangbourne Meadows. 

From braunston to thatcham moored at Pangbourne

Tuesday we got down to the Kennet & Avon canal went through Reading and moored up at Theale Swing Bridge. 

From braunston to thatcham   Reading oracal 

Wednesday we only went a few miles up to Aldermaston we moored upstream of the lock and stayed there Thursday as well (went to see dad in hospital) he is ok. 

Friday we moved up to Woolhampton it was windy and the current was flowing fast so we tried to moor up just before the swing bridge BUT the wind got hold of the boat and it swung the boat right across the canal i can tell you now the canal is not 60foot across as we were jammed Tina went to a boat moored down from us to get some help and a young man came back and pushed the front round while i steered the back and we got it back ok and moored up. while moored up a few hire boats came pass and one of them did the same thing as us but this time it nearly turned right round with no one on it but the jump on to it just in time .went for a meal at the rowbarge with Danny and his new wife great to see you .

Saturday the wind had stopped blowing so we went through the swing bridge and lock and moored up the other side as Andrew,Kate,Oliver and Sam were coming to see us which was nice to see them .In the atfernoon Virgin hot air balloon took of from the Rowbarge


Sunday we set off again up to Thatcham (this is were we use to live) we moored up just by the station and Dave, Carol and Ben came over to see us great to see them .Phil had done a Sunday dinner for us .

Monday we stay at Thatcham done a few little jobs on the boat and that brings us up to date, woke up this morning (Tuesday) and it is still windy and raining i think we might stay here another day .below are some photos we have taken all the other are over on the right in the albums please take a look.






  1. Hi, YOu are getting there but on my browser some of the 'photos are too large.

    I can sympathise with your ‘wind problem’. I remember the wind catching me at Stone and then the control lever coming off in my hand. Lots of worried moored boaters.


  2. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing same problem as me. Most of your photo's are the right size but two are overlarge and hiding some of your text. The two photo's in question are the one of your boat in the mist and the red sunset.

  3. Hi Colin & Tina,

    As a seasoned blogger & computer nerd, can I recommend downloading Windows Live Writer from Windows Live. One click & it tunes itself into your blog & you publish from there. It's very good & even saves a copy on your hard drive of every post.

    Another thing, changing your web browser to Google Chrome won't change how a page displays on anyone else's browser. Must admit IE8 doesn't like it. Too many things overlapping etc. But it's not IE because all other blogs display properly.

    It might be a good idea to change your template too - or reset it. Definitely something not right with it..

    Try Windows Live Writer first, if it doesn't work which it should, then it's the template you're using. This kind of thing can happen if you change width settings.

    Hope this helps!


  4. thanks for all your comment , Heth i tried window live writer but my photo would not load on to it ,i have sorted out my big photos now ,i am going to check out my template aswell
    once again many thanks for reading our blog

  5. Love the picture of the boat reflected in the mist. Great shot.


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