Friday, 29 April 2011


just pick up this months towpath and the breaking news is that Reckless is up for sale  at a price of £41,000 so if you want a bit of BBC histroy but it need some more work on it but you do get a nice shower and some nice painting on the doors oh yes and a lovely hand made mattress

well today we are heading down the rest of the kennet and avon canal then onto the River thames we hope to moor up at sonning later

Sunday, 24 April 2011

easter sunday

hi all

it was very busy here yesterday with all the canoeist going through to Westminster , the 4 day ones starting to come through at 7am till about 1pm then there was a little break then the non stoppers, we are waiting for boat number 319 to come through as they are going for the recorded good luck .

last night we had to make room on the moorings for a hotel boat and barge very friendly couple running it 

a tight fit

mooring at thatcham

all nice and cosy

we had my niece Rebecca and her son george come and see us was lovely to see them

also today a steam train went through thatcham


Saturday, 23 April 2011

easter saturday

we are still moored at thatcham just uploaded some photos

sunrise at Thatcham

sunrise at Thatcham

first canoes of the Devizes to Westminster

Friday, 22 April 2011

good friday

hi all just to let everyone know we are moored at Thatcham now hope to be here for a few days now and hope to see some old friends ,

tomorrow we have all the canoes coming pass that are doing the Devizes to westminster canoe race

most off the ones going pass us tomorrow will be trying to do 125mile in 16hours best of luck

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Hi all
at last i can post from the dashboard again , it is thanks to Paul he fixes my PC and told me that my o2 dongle was rubbish and to buy a vodafone one which i did today and it is like being back at home fast speed Internet ,

so what have we been up to well today we left Hungerford around 9ish and travel down to kintbury where we moored up about 11 , it was a little busy today a few hire boats . what can you say about this weather it is lovely ,

hungerford at 6.30am

how cute


hi all many thanks for all your comment , it is good to see so many people like to read about our life's on the canal

Monday, 18 April 2011


today 18th April we left our mooring at Crofton around 8.30 on route to Hungerford it was 6.5 miles 14 locks and 2 swing bridges ,we stopped at great bedwyn for water and join up with another boat to do some of the locks which help allot. moored up just before the bridge which is a nice mooring,not much else happed today ,

Sunday 17 we stayed at Crofton as Tina's mum was over from Ireland and took us to lunch at the swan at wilton was nice to see mum (thanks for lunch) was also nice to Phil and dill we walked back pass wilton waters which is lovely and they holding a game show there .saw this duck with her chicks DSCF2756

Saturday 16th today we  stayed at Crofton had a walk up the hill could see the wilton windmill

it was a shame the Crofton beam engine was closed

we got the telescope out for the first time tonight and look at the moon tried to take a photo 

Friday 15th today we went from Pewsey to Crofton which was 7miles and 10 locks and one tunnel

Thursday 16th  Honey street to pewsey only done 4 miles today the mooring at pewsey where along the bank but with rings when we got moored up we went shopping in pewsey found a good bakers called Marshalls award winning lardy cakes

Wednesday 15th Horton bridge to honey street 5.5mile filled up with fuel from workboat A L JACKSON (07779185375 text ) works from bath to bedwyn moored up at honey street next to this is going to be on t.v show also they had a honeyfest which had some green beer mmmm nice

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


hi all i would like to know if this blog site opens fully for you all ??

please comment

part 3

then we saw this boat and we really wonder how it pass a safety certDSCF2703_thumb

as we were heading Honey street we kept seeing this heron so we had a go at taking some photos of it DSCF2704_thumb



found a lovely mooring at the bridge inn at Horton bridge

so on to Tuesday we went down to Devizes and as i said the Caen locks are closed so there was a lot of boats moored at Devizes so we turned round and came back to Horton Bridge

so on to our next trip we are going to head back along the K&A down to the River Thames then down the Thames to Brentford then onto the Grand Union canal then up north

part two

Monday 13th April

left wootton river's around 9ish on our way we have seen some different boat but i think this boat looking like a land rover is very good DSCF2683_thumb_thumb


also seen some very good painted boat but really like this one DSCF2697_thumb_thumb


we think it is something to do with National cycle Networks

part one


Tuesday 12th April

so we got to Devizes today and as the Caen hill locks are closed we turned round and started back towards Reading.we have been so lucky with the weather so far so what have we been up to since our last post on here,on Sunday we  move from our mooring at Crofton as we were just about to leave we were told there was a canoe race from Devizes to Newbury so we had to watch out for canoeist  , just after lock 59 we saw this little boat DSCF2668_thumb1

as we got Bruce Tunnel we had to wait about 10mins for some of the canoeist to come through before they would let us through when we got to the other end of tunnel there was a long queue waiting to go through100_1434_thumb1 



Sunday night we moored up at Wootton Rivers very nice place

Saturday, 9 April 2011

kintbury to crofton

Thursday 7th

We moved from Kintbury very slowly towards Hungerford only 3mils 3locks

But lovely weather had my sister carol and her grandson george came to see us which was nice 

Friday 8th April

While waiting to leave our mooring I watch this work boat bash this way through a lock no wonder why they leak so much round here 





Left Hungerford at 9am and what a lovely sunny day we are going to have , you know it is posh here this garden had a fence that  be opened or closed depending who was moored at the end of the garden , then round the corner was this lovely little duck island ,




At clobbers lock there is a lovely lock keepers cottage up for auction I wonder how much it will is up for auction with savills 

Tina even got her shorts on must be hot



There is some lovely countryside along this canal we moored up at Great bedwyn had a lovely day today only 4.5 mile but 10 locks and one swing bridge

 ok there is the question of the day who are these two famous people ?

Saturday 9th

Today we only move a short way down the canal found a lovely mooring at Crofton just before the pumping station it is very quite on the canal here only seen 3 boats all day.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Wednesday 6th April

What a lovely sunny hot day Tina even got sun burnt,we have been really lucky with the weather since we started out .

we left Thatcham around 9am and took a steady trip towards Newbury we had to fill up with water got a shock when at Newbury marina the man said we had to pay for water, so we said we would carry on to kintbury,

had some trouble with some of the locks leaking looks like the lock on the K&A get a lot of bashing.

  We moored up at Kintbury for the night nice mooring here, 

that was 6 miles 13 locks 3 swing bridges 

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Hello all 

Thank you all very much for your comments , over the past few days I have tried lots of different things and ending up using Google chrome and a program called Scribefire it is very easy to use only thing is photo size which I am going to play with now .

below is a red kite 

So what have we been up to well we came down the River Thames from oxford we had three night on the Thames first night stayed at Culham lock next on stayed at Shillingford Bridge Hotel (had a few friends over on the Sunday). 

Monday night we stayed at a really lovely mooring called Pangbourne Meadows. 

From braunston to thatcham moored at Pangbourne

Tuesday we got down to the Kennet & Avon canal went through Reading and moored up at Theale Swing Bridge. 

From braunston to thatcham   Reading oracal 

Wednesday we only went a few miles up to Aldermaston we moored upstream of the lock and stayed there Thursday as well (went to see dad in hospital) he is ok. 

Friday we moved up to Woolhampton it was windy and the current was flowing fast so we tried to moor up just before the swing bridge BUT the wind got hold of the boat and it swung the boat right across the canal i can tell you now the canal is not 60foot across as we were jammed Tina went to a boat moored down from us to get some help and a young man came back and pushed the front round while i steered the back and we got it back ok and moored up. while moored up a few hire boats came pass and one of them did the same thing as us but this time it nearly turned right round with no one on it but the jump on to it just in time .went for a meal at the rowbarge with Danny and his new wife great to see you .

Saturday the wind had stopped blowing so we went through the swing bridge and lock and moored up the other side as Andrew,Kate,Oliver and Sam were coming to see us which was nice to see them .In the atfernoon Virgin hot air balloon took of from the Rowbarge


Sunday we set off again up to Thatcham (this is were we use to live) we moored up just by the station and Dave, Carol and Ben came over to see us great to see them .Phil had done a Sunday dinner for us .

Monday we stay at Thatcham done a few little jobs on the boat and that brings us up to date, woke up this morning (Tuesday) and it is still windy and raining i think we might stay here another day .below are some photos we have taken all the other are over on the right in the albums please take a look.





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