Wednesday, 16 March 2011

wednesday 16th

left Yelvertoff around 10am still foggy soon got to Crick tunnel and got very wet !!!

the end is near

inside wall of tunnel

old dead tree

not long after Crick tunnel we were soon at Watford staircase locks

watford locks

inside one of the locks

lock gates

once through the lock we heading for Welton fields marina where they will give Go For It first service and a once over , before we head south onto Kennet and avon canal. our first trip was 160 miles and we stil enjoy it


  1. Following your journey with interest ! We are still landlubbers/Gongoozelers who are still 'Dreaming the Dream' but enjoying every minute of your's.

  2. We came past you today when you were in the marina, I thought your boat name was familiar. Maybe we will see you around the system some other time.

    Alan and Frances


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