Wednesday, 16 March 2011

sunday 13th march

hi all ,
This is one month since we got our new boat and we are enjoying every minuet of it (apart from when mum broke her ankle) get well soon mum.
we left are morning and fill up with water around 8ish as we had moored up right where a fishing match was taking place .
About half hour in front of us was a hire boat so we knew we would have to empty the lock before we could carry on but what we did not think was we would have to shut lock gates and on one lock close the top paddles which they left open and started to drain the next pound thanks!!!. The water level was down a foot and so i went very slow i could feel the bottom of the canal on the boat in places.
we moored up that night at bridge 73 Fleckney Bridge nice spot over the bridge is a woodland trust which is open for anyone to walk round. could hear a woodpecker at work.
see how low  the canal is

again how low the pound was

spring lambs

Nicola's  boat    ( lol)


  1. How to get "caught up" in a fishing match good style:

    lol H


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