Sunday, 6 March 2011

saturday and sunday

we stayed at Barrow upon soar Saturday at the moment BW are doing lock repairs on lock 39 Aylestone mill and they say it will be open Friday 11th so we have to just go slow at mo .
moored at barrow upon soar

the weir at barrow upon soar

this little motor boat came  down river at speed

Sunday 6th march

we set off around 9ish after a bacon sandwich , the weather was a bit cold to start with as we twisted our way round the river to Mountsorrel lock

railway bridge built in 1860 just before Mountsorrel
 .At sileby lock we stopped we went over to the chandler for some coal (why is there so many different types of coal for sale all over) got two bags £8 per bag not bad . when we got back to go for it we had a cup of tea ,

Sileby lock with Sibeby boatyard in back ground

cup of tea time

oh and saw this boat and thought of you Phil and Donna

anyone for some Reiki
we moved onto this part of the river twist and turned up to Cossington lock. At junction lock there was some pallets so i had a look see if i could cut them up for some fire wood but did not bother as they were covered in mud
so on we went and found a place to moor up for the night which was just passed the hope and anchor .


  1. Hi Colin and Tina

    I can leave a comment on your blog now, have found the same response from people who had previously tried to leave messages on ours! Great to see so many pics of the River Soar, sorry to hear you have been held up until Friday! At least the weather is better this week for you both.


  2. Sileby is where our boat 'Spider' is moored! Glad you are enjoying yourselves guys, George

  3. Hi, great photos,the swan ought to be sharing your mooring fee,must say this new venture living on a canel boat is a good for premoteing British Waterways, it certainly shows how much the waterways have improved,and how beautiful they are M.D.

  4. Hi,Reguarding photo of flower in the woods, Iam almost sure it is a wood anemone.look more closer and you will see the "finer divided leaves,more like large flat parsley.Thrown at first by the thicker leaves surrounding the flowers they look like bluebells!!My other thought it could be of the Scilla family both are spring flowering. Will be interesting to know what other bloggers think. MD

  5. Hi GO-FOR-IT,What a great picture you made moored on the Thames on a beautiful day Sunday 20th March in front of Shillingford Bridge Hotel.We want to know,were you, Tina and Colin refueling your canal boat or yourselves with a pint of golden ale? Must say it was a great cuppa you brewed up for us thanks great seeing you M&D.

  6. Hi,just caught up with your latest photos, great, agree with yourselves beautiful houses.i wonder if the residents in some of those houses are as happy as yourselves!!If you won the lottery would you want want what they have? So pleased you found Dory Lakes,is'nt it great that ETON COLLEGE share it's beauty with Joe public.To pass an enterence exam into ETON you must know a young goose is called,a goslin, you were testing our grey matter.M&D


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