Sunday, 20 March 2011

saturday 19th

hi everyone
just a quick update as the Internet connection is not good here , firstly thanks to Pete and Tina from nb "bide your time" for getting in touch THANKS  for your help and company
also thank everyone else who follows are days on board nb go for it and hope you enjoy reading how we are getting on with our new lives on the canal , ( we love it )   

Alan i will send you a email later

OK so we left Welton field marine after they had give the engine it first service  and a few extra jobs what a lovely morning it was the sun was shinning and lovely then we had to go in to Braunston tunnel it was cold inside but nice when you come out the other end , we join up with another boat and went through Braunston locks together nice to the The Admiral Nelson has reopen . we moored up just before Braunston bridge for the day (rugby was on TV do not want to upset Tina ). there was a gathering of boat in Braunston marine also there was one of the cheese boat (no not a boat made of cheese but one that sells lovely cheeses 
i will post some photo later hopefully
once again thank you for reading our blog

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  1. Have been following your blogs over the last week or two and thoroughly enjoy them Keep em coming with the Photo's. It's good knowing not just where you cruise to but how you occupy yourself on non-cruising days, only the publically printable versions you understand :0)


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