Wednesday, 23 March 2011

monday / tuesday

Hi all
We would like to thank people who get in touch and leave comments on our blog (does mean people read it) thanks Brain and Diana, Andy, Eric, Jo, Sue and many more of you

Monday 21st
Woke up to a sunny morning last night mooring was good ,tried to take a photo of a buzzard flying over head but to far away shame .


 Tina was ready as we had 9 locks to do today with 10 miles we are hoping to stop at Fenny Compton wharf which we did lovely countryside out here some tight bends but very enjoyable . Moored up at Fenny Compton and went to local shop about 1 mile walk. Had some frineds come on board today

Tues 22nd
We left mooring and stopped at Fenny marina for fuel the engine seam to be using about litre and half pre hour of running  ( not sure it that is good or bad )
It was a lovely day today no wind, Tina had 9 locks to do and a lift bridge,we did 6 miles today.
Just before Cropredy lock I saw , when we had moored up I walked back to see  if anyone was at home but it looked all quite must have been afternoon knap time maybe next time  Lynne and Paul.

Piston Broke (another blogger)

Cropredy church

lift bridge 141
Cropredy is where they hold the annual fairport convention

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