Monday, 7 March 2011

monday 7th march

woke up to a lovely morning so as we were moored next to Watermead Country Park i went off for a walk while Tina had a lay in . below are some photos i took this morning

nice mooring

once got back Tina was up so i cut and chopped up some fire wood

nice pile of firewood

we set off knowing we could not go far we went up to Thurmaston lock and moored up just before . went up to Asda then  went over to MGM boats had a quick look at nb Chance they were spraying so did not stay long  but looking good bet Doug will be pleased

MGM boatyard


  1. Hi Colin

    Thanks for taking a look at nb Chance, pity they were spraying her when you were there as you could have gone inside. Nice to see the pictures of the waterpark. Keep up the great blog! Regards Doug

  2. ps have added you to our blog list. was supposed to do this last week!


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