Friday, 25 March 2011

IS THIS RECKLESS ?? (the boat guy built)

Is this the real Reckless seen at Aynho ???

Thursday 24th king sutton lock to lower heyford 9.5 miles 6 locks , another sunny day the mist lifted quickly so we got going about 8.30 when we went pass the boats moored at Aynho we saw this boat called Reckless and wonder if this was the "boat that guy built " is
also could someone tell us what this sign post means
what does DIS mean ???

Friday 24th
From Lower heyford to kidlington green lock 9.5 miles 6 locks
what can you say about the weather just lovely left lower heyford at 8am
saw these and said do the use them to talk to the men on mars

then saw this boat
just for you bec ( going to try and get a full album of family names

just before we moored up saw this swan on her nest it was in someone back garden


  1. I think that in the working days the "DIS" post's were placed either side of locks, & when passing the post the boatman would sound his horn, whoever sounded their horn first had the right of way at the next lock.

  2. Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you signal has not been good. Hopefully we can catch up with you sometime we are only going as far as Kiddlington for now. Are you going on the Thames? Lynne and Paul nb Piston Broke

  3. Don't think this is Reckless of 'The Boat that Guy built' fame - the name is is the wrong place on the cabin side - unless someone else has changed it of course!
    Pip - nb Windsong

  4. Thanks for the name boat - ould you try and find a pink boat called Rebecca - then i'll be happy :-)


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