Monday, 28 March 2011


hi all is there anyone out there who know how this blog site works, i am haveing a lot of trouble posting ,to post this i have gone back to "HIDE COMPOSE MODE"
Global Settings (These apply to all of your blogs)
1,Select post editor Updated editor (Recommended) - Take a look at the latest features!
2, Old editor
3, Hide compose mode - Select only if you typically do HTML editing instead of WYSIWYG text editing.

But doing this i do not have the tool bar on top

PLEASE HELP email me thanks

PS just look on my phone and the tool bar is there but not on laptop ??? help

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  1. Hi - download Windows LiveWriter from the internet and set this up to load to your blog address - it's much easier and faster to use than the blogspot dashboard.
    Pip & Roger


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