Wednesday, 30 March 2011

back on with blogger thanks to pip & roger (nb Windsong

hi all thanks to pip and roger for getting in touch and telling me to try windows live writer on the blog Smile

so i just got to get a grip of this new layout 
DSCF2440this was on the oxford canal DSCF2441need more room tow a garden shedDSCF2459heronDSCF2464Radley collage rowing team in lock DSCF2476red kiteDSCF2483cool house on thamesDSCF2484red kiteDSCF2492kingfisher centre far left


well i hope this post works please let me know if all is ok

thanks for reading our blog


  1. You're welcome! Play with LiveWriter a bit - you can move stuff around, a bit like you can on Word, and alter the picture sizes etc.


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