Thursday, 3 March 2011

at last we off again

at last dave the lock keeper came down to see us at 9 this morning and told us the the Soar was ok now
so we got ready and off we set , got onto the river Trent after the lock it was cold and flowing not to bad as we got to the mouth of the river Soar we turned into the mouth and it was like hitting a brick wall had to add some more revs but we did it was not long before we were at Redhill lock and tony for "wee blueit" join us in the lock meet him at sawley cut helpfull chap we stayed together for next few locks glad we did when we came up to Ratcliffe lock  nice turn , the river soar curent at places was strong once we got through Zouch lock dave moored up (thanks for your help) and we carried on for a bit more moored up for the night just before lock 54 bishop meadows lock, after cup of tea i went into the woods for some logs
today trip was 9miles 4locks
Radcliffe power station

tina looking cold, yes she is growing braches

wee blue it coming into lock

weir running fast

getting the fire wood for tonights fire and crumpets


  1. Hi

    Hope you are enjoying life on your new NB. We won't be far behind you our boat will be launched in early June and we really can't wait. Saw your link on Windsong's blog so thought we would have a look, we are also blogging have a look at Will keep following yours!

  2. Looking at your photos takes us back to our holiday to Loughborough in 2009. The soar is such a pretty little river. We went in June though so it was a bit warmer!!


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