Wednesday, 30 March 2011

back on with blogger thanks to pip & roger (nb Windsong

hi all thanks to pip and roger for getting in touch and telling me to try windows live writer on the blog Smile

so i just got to get a grip of this new layout 
DSCF2440this was on the oxford canal DSCF2441need more room tow a garden shedDSCF2459heronDSCF2464Radley collage rowing team in lock DSCF2476red kiteDSCF2483cool house on thamesDSCF2484red kiteDSCF2492kingfisher centre far left


well i hope this post works please let me know if all is ok

thanks for reading our blog

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

our trip down the river thames

Monday 28th
Hi all,
Still having problems with the blog I think it is the laptop and java have to wait till I see Paul this week hope he can fix it at the moment I cannot add photo put can write well you can see that .
So were are we and were we going to be going .Monday night we spent moored up at Pangbourne meadows nice place and Tuesday we will be going into Reading and then down the Kennet and Avon canal we are hoping to get to Theale then, we will be staying in this area then for a few day as my dad is going into RBH for a back opp (hope all goes well dad) so anyone wanted to see us just get in touch we love to see you all

So the trips so far down the River Thames

Saturday 27
We left our mooring at kidlington about 8.30 and on to oxford city (lots of boats moored here some we believe should not even be on the canal) even seen boats with garden shed now (photo to follow soon)

So now onto the River Thames all well saw some people out rowing but not many as most of them were in London for the boat race even all the boat houses were closed

Going through Osney lock we saw some punts out

We saw this heron on the way downstream he did not hear us coming

At Abingdon lock we had to wait for Radley collage rowing teams to go through

Once we got through we carried on to culham lack were we moored for the night

Sunday 28th
Got a early start it was colder than last few days but the sun came out ,we were going to moor up at little wittenham but no mooring !!!! So we went onto Shillingford Bridge moored up and then had a lovely afternoon with some friends Mandy and Kevin , Phil ,Donna and children and then mum dad and their friend Sheila so we had a few people there was nice

Monday 29th
We left the mooring about 9am it was a little cold but still nice went pass Benson and Wallingford it is good to see place you know and to see them from different view (have some photo I post later) next was Goring lock then we went pass Child Beale wildlife trust on to Whitchurch lock and then to our mooring at Pangbourne meadows

Monday, 28 March 2011


hi all is there anyone out there who know how this blog site works, i am haveing a lot of trouble posting ,to post this i have gone back to "HIDE COMPOSE MODE"
Global Settings (These apply to all of your blogs)
1,Select post editor Updated editor (Recommended) - Take a look at the latest features!
2, Old editor
3, Hide compose mode - Select only if you typically do HTML editing instead of WYSIWYG text editing.

But doing this i do not have the tool bar on top

PLEASE HELP email me thanks

PS just look on my phone and the tool bar is there but not on laptop ??? help

Friday, 25 March 2011

IS THIS RECKLESS ?? (the boat guy built)

Is this the real Reckless seen at Aynho ???

Thursday 24th king sutton lock to lower heyford 9.5 miles 6 locks , another sunny day the mist lifted quickly so we got going about 8.30 when we went pass the boats moored at Aynho we saw this boat called Reckless and wonder if this was the "boat that guy built " is
also could someone tell us what this sign post means
what does DIS mean ???

Friday 24th
From Lower heyford to kidlington green lock 9.5 miles 6 locks
what can you say about the weather just lovely left lower heyford at 8am
saw these and said do the use them to talk to the men on mars

then saw this boat
just for you bec ( going to try and get a full album of family names

just before we moored up saw this swan on her nest it was in someone back garden

Thursday, 24 March 2011

wednesday 23rd march

thanks you for the comment
well what can you say about the weather just lovely and warm
today we left Cropredy and went on to Banbury where we went to tesco for some shopping,
frosty morning at Cropredy

waiting at slat mill lock

It was busy in Banbury lots of boats moored up Tina saw these



king sutton bridge and lock

king sutton church

view from mooring

we carried and stopped just pass king sutton lock nice views ,i washed down the side and rear of the boat today ,while Tina was taking some arty photo see below

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

monday / tuesday

Hi all
We would like to thank people who get in touch and leave comments on our blog (does mean people read it) thanks Brain and Diana, Andy, Eric, Jo, Sue and many more of you

Monday 21st
Woke up to a sunny morning last night mooring was good ,tried to take a photo of a buzzard flying over head but to far away shame .


 Tina was ready as we had 9 locks to do today with 10 miles we are hoping to stop at Fenny Compton wharf which we did lovely countryside out here some tight bends but very enjoyable . Moored up at Fenny Compton and went to local shop about 1 mile walk. Had some frineds come on board today

Tues 22nd
We left mooring and stopped at Fenny marina for fuel the engine seam to be using about litre and half pre hour of running  ( not sure it that is good or bad )
It was a lovely day today no wind, Tina had 9 locks to do and a lift bridge,we did 6 miles today.
Just before Cropredy lock I saw , when we had moored up I walked back to see  if anyone was at home but it looked all quite must have been afternoon knap time maybe next time  Lynne and Paul.

Piston Broke (another blogger)

Cropredy church

lift bridge 141
Cropredy is where they hold the annual fairport convention

Sunday, 20 March 2011

sunday 20th march

hi all here are some photos from Saturday as i said i would ,
Braunston tunnel

boat share show at braunston


cheese boat




so now onto Sunday

started of from Braunston around 9am it was quite cold,turned left onto the oxford canal there was quite a few boats moored up i have seen this boat before and like it

nb "that 70s boat "

just a little further up the canal we saw this boat what a shame

we carried on the wind was cold were did the sun go ?? Tina saw this church and wanted to take a photo i have picked the best one the other are in our album on the side of blog take a look at her picture taking

church at Lower Shuckburgh

as we were on our way to Napton on the hill locks to moor for the night i saw this deer right next to a cow and it stayed there all the time

cow and deer and pony

so we got to the locks at napton and moored up just before and then the sun came out for a nice sunny afternoon so we walked up the lock and all so i went fishing with a magnet


Colin on phone to dad

fishing for metal

saturday 19th

hi everyone
just a quick update as the Internet connection is not good here , firstly thanks to Pete and Tina from nb "bide your time" for getting in touch THANKS  for your help and company
also thank everyone else who follows are days on board nb go for it and hope you enjoy reading how we are getting on with our new lives on the canal , ( we love it )   

Alan i will send you a email later

OK so we left Welton field marine after they had give the engine it first service  and a few extra jobs what a lovely morning it was the sun was shinning and lovely then we had to go in to Braunston tunnel it was cold inside but nice when you come out the other end , we join up with another boat and went through Braunston locks together nice to the The Admiral Nelson has reopen . we moored up just before Braunston bridge for the day (rugby was on TV do not want to upset Tina ). there was a gathering of boat in Braunston marine also there was one of the cheese boat (no not a boat made of cheese but one that sells lovely cheeses 
i will post some photo later hopefully
once again thank you for reading our blog

Thursday, 17 March 2011

thursday 17th march

today we stayed at welton fields they had to give the engine its first service and a few other jobs.
Also got some new fenders from Liz at, then Tina and myself walked over to Whilton Chandlery for some things and then went next door to the Lock gate cafe where we been before and always enjoy the food there very good .
after bacon sandwich  we walk round to the lock to see nb No Problem was nice to see sue and Vic hope to meet up again soon happy and safe crusing
No Problem
lovely dogs

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

wednesday 16th

left Yelvertoff around 10am still foggy soon got to Crick tunnel and got very wet !!!

the end is near

inside wall of tunnel

old dead tree

not long after Crick tunnel we were soon at Watford staircase locks

watford locks

inside one of the locks

lock gates

once through the lock we heading for Welton fields marina where they will give Go For It first service and a once over , before we head south onto Kennet and avon canal. our first trip was 160 miles and we stil enjoy it

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